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Wedding – Fashion and Beauty -

Sexy Lingerie: What Men and Women Like

The fact that we see in today is people will put less effort for time to time to wear sexy lingerie after they already date or marry someone. Of course it came from many reasons such as they have no time to pick and choose new lingerie up to wear something more comfortable and practical. […]

Buy Henna Tattoo stencils and be your own Henna Beautician


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Feel like trying ??? Don’t wait much long , just order online and try it for yourself, we bet you gonna love it ….. And of course don’t forget to share with us henna tattoo pics and compliments you got, that’s what keeps us inspiring to create new designs….

Coty acquiring 3 of the most famous Procter&Gamble’s divisions – the most controversial deal in the beauty world today



One of the most controversial deals in the beauty world will soon become a fact. The deal is estimated at $12 billion, according to different sources, and will shake the beauty industry like never before!


Procter&Gamble will soon say goodbye to some of their most popular beauty brands – Wella and Clairol (hair care), Gucci and Hugo Boss (fragrances), Max Factor and Cover Girl (cosmetics). Even though the deal has not yet been finalized and neither of the two companies has given an official statement on the matter, media reports say that it is a matter of weeks before the widely discussed tax-free deal becomes a fact.


The world famous beauty and perfume American company Coty, with a market value of $9.39 billion, is the highest bidder for 3 of the most famous Procter&Gamble’s divisions – namely hair-care, fragrance and cosmetics businesses. Coty is well known in the beauty industry for its world famous brands Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Chloe (fragrances), New York Color (cosmetics), OPI (nail polish) and Rimmel (mascara).


It is a win-win situation in which Procter&Gamble will get the chance to strengthen their portfolio and streamline their business. If the deal becomes a fact, Procter&Gamble will have the ability to focus their efforts into their core brands, which represent about 90% of the company’s sales and more than 95% of its profit (these include Tide detergent, Crest toothpaste and Pampers diapers).


As a result of the sale P&G may lose revenues of $3 billion to $6 billion (according to Forbes). This loss of market share, however, seems to be acceptable to P&G as their aim is to reduce their presence in the beauty business and narrow their focus on fewer, but faster-growing brands like the ones mentioned above.


Coty, on the other hand, is a company well known for its regular acquiring of brands throughout the years. This particular deal will be greatly beneficial for them as they will be able to enjoy the vast fans’ base that P&G has around the world. Moreover, this will drastically increase their market share in the fragrances, hair care, and cosmetics businesses, making them a world leader in the perfume and hair care industry.






Important Aspect before undergoing hair restoration surgery


Hair restoration is a procedure in which bald area of the head is transplanted with hair extraction using the two techniques FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). Deciding to go for hair transplantation is a big decision. The victims of hair loss should definitely get a lot of things under consideration before going for the hair restoration surgery.


The first and the foremost thing that should be done by the hair loss victim is to take time in deciding the doctor, from whom he wants to get hair loss treatment. The decision to select the clinic should be based on the surgeon and his experience. Lots of questions should be asked from the doctor, related to his experiences and success rate. Photographs of his operated cases should be asked in order to assess his skill and competency. The age of the patient is also an important matter as the hair transplantation works differently in different age groups. It is very important to be of the right age for the hair restoration surgery as there are several age-related factors that plays an important role in patient’s suitability for a procedure. The patients who are too young to go for this surgery are often recommended with the medication like Finasteride and Minoxidil in order to hold their pre-existing hair for a bit longer time by slowing the rate and rhythm of the hair loss.

The density that is to be achieved for hair restoration is also an important matter. The number of hairs that are to be needed for the hair transplantation is very important as the cost and the time required for the treatment increases with the increase in the number of hairs to be harvested. All the patients are different with different scalp condition, thus the procedure may get vary from patient to patient. Some patients need more than one procedure in order to carry out the design that suits the victim’s specific needs. With this cost of the hair transplantation also gets increased. Fue hair transplant in Pakistan may get the start from £800 to £ 2000. It is very important to consult with your surgeon about the fact that if you need the future transplants and what degree of hair loss you are experiencing. By this the estimate can be made for any future patterns. By this the density of the hair can also be increased, that will be required for future procedures.

The donor hair is needed to be sufficient in order to achieve the density of the bald surface. The hair doctor will examine the donor area to determine the number of hairs to be harvested. Another important thing to be in your consideration is the fact that the result of the procedure will give the natural look or not. The patient should decide which technique to select, whose outcome will be more natural. As hair transplantation is not a simple surgery and requires a lot of time, it is also important to get to know for how long this procedure will continue. The number of hair to be treated and the size of the donor area is the deciding factor. It varies from patient to patient and the procedure that the patient is undergoing. Considering all the above points will help one decide better before undergoing hair restoration surgery.

To know more about hair loss treatment via fue hair transplant in Pakistan or hair transplant cost in Pakistan and comparison with other countries visit the link.

Argan Shampoo


Anything that you would do to your hair could be damaging – be it straightening, curling, bleaching, dyeing, and whatever else that you could think of. If your hair is already damaged or you are planning to do something that could potentially harm your hair, you should be prepared to get it fixed sooner or later. Even if you don’t, it’s always best to keep your hair lush and healthy as even the sun or even swimming in either the sea or a pool could do damage to it.

You may have heard of argan oil, or the Moroccan oil. It has a multitude of nutrients and especially rich in vitamin E and fatty acids. It is very helpful for your skin as well, but it work wonders on hair. Any type of hair, even dry; frizzy; dull; or even thinning of the hair could be regenerated back to its natural beauty and thickness with the quick help of ArganOil. Split ends and frizziness can also be greatly reduced with this.

Argan oil has been the latest craze amongst celebrities due to its magic and is now well sought out by various beauty and cosmetic companies. Its benefits even cover your skin as well as it is rich in Vitamin E and for your body as the antioxidant content in it is high and would improve your immunity to fight off various diseases.

Shampoo products from Argan Beauty is a specific type of brand and shampoo that is aimed to help you with your hair specifically. With only £20 for each 300ml, you are guaranteed that your hair would restore back its natural glow and beauty. With the added bonus of Pro-Vitamin B5, it willcorrespondingly increase the elasticity and reduce the lack of water content in every strand of hair as well.

Timeless and Fashionable Beauty Trends for the New Year

It’s official, glam is global. We’ve uncovered some timeless classics and the hottest trends, with influences that span the world. Pack your shopping bags this winter and beat the crowd to next year’s hottest items.

Eastern European Flash – Do as the Russians do and show off a little. It’s time to feel rich and beautiful. High heels, long hair and unapologetic brand loyalty are all you see on the Moscow streets. Think Italy in the 1980’s, and add a little more fur. Gold, silver, leather and satin – this is no time to be shy. Pull out that designer bag you’ve been hiding and pair it with your very best cocktail dress and all the gold you can find.

English Floral – Pin it up and press your seams, English florals are back with a pretty, precise vengeance. Think of a garden party, with white gloves, pearls and windblown curls. The modern, conservative summer look has swept through the fashion industry with sweet florals gracing the runways of several top designers. Those girlish summer dresses are back in fashion, along with your twinset, grandma’s vintage jewelry, cardigans and crocheted scarves.

Indian Slippers – Timeless, inexpensive and chic, you can wear a pair of Indian slippers with nearly anything – your jeans, your weekday suit or your sleek Sunday dress. Heeled or flat, in a rainbow of colors you are sure to find a pair that suits your mood. This princess-perfect look has been happening for thousands of years, and it shows no signs of stopping. Pretty is pretty, no matter what century this is.

Chinese Silk – Robes, dresses, blouses or shoes, Chinese silk is a masterful, rich statement that evolves and tantalizes year to year. There is more to Chinese silk than mandarin collars and peacock prints – think about luscious, rich silk trousers and skirts with a luster and quality that can rival any couture house in the world.

Canadian Winter Wear – Easily the coziest country to imitate. Throw on your flannel shirt, grab a pair of woolly socks and jump under that fleece blanket. Lumberjack plaids and heavy knit sweaters are the mainstay of winter-wise Canadians and should be added to any chic-seekers list for winter. North Dakota is part of Canada right?

Glass Jewelry – Fashion, Beauty and Elegance

No other accessories can match the evocative beauty of glass jewelry. Glass jewelry can be handcrafted from sea glass or manufactured using state of the art glass technology. Fashion experts are increasingly using glass as a standalone jewelry item or as an important part of their creations.

The most well known glass jewelry designs are created using Venetian river glasses. Not far behind in popularity are glass jewelry designs crafted from the exotic beach glasses of the Caribbean. Both have a rustic beauty in them reflecting the serenity and beauty of river lagoons and clear beaches.

If you want add color to your wardrobe, then wear a glass jewelry bead necklace. The glass beads can consist of various glass colors of different shapes and sizes. It will surely enhance your presence in any occasion.

If you want a more subdued and refined glass jewelry, then you can choose smaller white or semitransparent glass beads. Deep blue glasses are also perfect if you want a more laid back but elegant accessory.

Your choices of colors for glass jewelry are virtually limitless. Almost all hues of known colors can be used to complement your get up. Red and orange for a fiery presence while purple or green colors can be used for a more formal look.

You can also choose from different shapes of beads to make your glass jewelry. There are perfectly round beads that approximate the shapes of pearls. There are also heart-shaped glass beads to create a highly customized look for your glass jewelry.

Glass jewelries however are not exclusively used as necklaces. You can use glass beads for your earrings and bracelets. Some glass jewelry can crafted with gold frames or silver linings. In this way, the value of your glass jewelry can be enhanced. Gold frames are perfect for glass beads used for earrings. It can create an illusion of depth for your glass earrings thus making it more attractive.

Glass jewelry is a unique piece of adornment. It is a standard practice of high class jewelry makers not to make copies of a design. So when you buy glass jewelry, you can be assured that your piece was designed just for you. There are no other glass jewelry designs that will look exactly like yours. This adds to the allure of glass jewelry.

You have to use long beaded glass jewelry with large pendant if you want to highlight your neck. It is also advisable to use the bright color glass jewelries if you plan to wear dark clothes.

For a more modern look, you can wear a V-shaped dark blouse or a long-sleeved dark cotton sports shirt and adorn it with yellow or bright green small glass necklace. While these colors will not scream, the lively colors will balance your dark modern wardrobe.

On the other hand, if you opt for light color dresses for the ultimate summer and casual look, you must use dark colored glass jewelry. Deep blue or amber will be perfect for your casual ensemble. The white background will set your jewelry apart, making it more noticeable.